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1. Once we have decided on the best pricing and commission strategy, I will send you a listing agreement to sign electronically. In addition, I will need what is in the attached letter (SPDS and CLUE). I will get a key from you and install the SUPRA lockbox.


2. Photos are taken by my photographer and about 24 hours later your listing is on the market for sale — within 48 more hours it is on all the websites, Facebook, Social media sites and enhanced by my assistant. Meanwhile, the sign is ordered and will be installed by my sign company. 


3. Then we have showings (I follow up on every one personally first by email and then by phone). I will share all feedback with you.


4. We get an offer or offers. I discuss the offers with you and we respond appropriately. All can be done by electronic signature.


5. Once your home is under contract, escrow is opened. You’ll get a closing package from the escrow officer asking for information so they can get your payoff and run the title search. All of that can be done by fax or email. Escrow is generally 30-45 days. If it is a cash purchase it is usually 21 days or less. We can ask for a specific escrow period if needed.


6. There is a 10 day inspection period – the buyer can do any types of inspections they want (generally a home and termite inspection is done). Inspections are generally 3-4 hours. If the buyer will be there I will want you to leave (if possible).


(a) The buyer can choose to accept the home as is, they can cancel the contract, or they can ask you to repair things. (b) You, the seller, get an opportunity to respond — do what they ask, don’t do anything or give another option. (c) The buyer accepts your response or cancels.


7. There is an appraisal if the purchase is being financed. That is generally done right after the inspection. I will provide comparable listings to the appraiser and discuss unique features of your home with him or her. I may choose to meet them in person at your home. I will ask you to step out during the appraisal (usually ½ an hour or less).


8. All signing for the closing is coordinated by the title/escrow company and can be done from any place. You do not need to be here at all. Funds are wired to pay off your loan and to pay you the net proceeds unless you prefer a check.

 9. Once everyone is signed and the buyer has funded the purchase, the title company records the deed and you have successfully sold your home!!

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